拉黑子‧達立夫 Rahic Talif

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Rahic Talif 拉黑子‧達立夫

1962 年出生於花蓮 Makota’ay 港口部落,現專職創作。



於 2000 年獲亞洲文化協會(ACC)獎助前往美國紐約進修學習當代藝術,2014 年國立海洋科技博物館將他列為海洋文化之代表藝術家。重要作品包括,從源頭感受存在的《現代集會所》(1993) 和《末始》(1999);深切關注如何重新凝聚部落意識的《歸零》(2000);代表部落精神與傳統祭祀儀式力量的《站立之舞》(2005);在空間的輕盈及時間的速度上探討微弱,卻具生命力量的《殘》(2007)。

近十年來拉黑子陸續提出與海洋、島嶼有著密切關連的計畫,不只延續了他長年關注的族群文化議題,亦擴及將環境生態的問題含括進來,包括在藝術創作上的代表計畫為「颱風計畫」(2008-2013)、「五十步的空間」(2013-2018)、「海 美/沒 館」(2018-2020)。 等,同時透過出版著有〈混濁〉(2006)、〈旅行在 50 步的空間〉(2019)等書,紀錄所觀察到的文化環境變遷,及他站立在如此特殊文化時空角色上的哲學思辨。

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Rahic Talif was born into the Amis Makota’ay village of Hualien in 1962. He is a professional artist who works in the fields of wood sculpture, installation art, performance art, architecture, furniture, reworking tribal culture, indigenous society and culture etc. As a result of the tribal age hierarchy he has served in the position of mama-no-kapah (father of youth), in which capacity he has been responsible for guiding young people, organizing and managing the entire tribe. From his collection of tribal myths, oral histories and visits to old tribal sites, Rahic has sought to relearn tribal wisdom and helped tribal members participate in art exhibitions at home and abroad, as well create public art works.

For more than two decades, Rahic has reflected on and explored his own ideas, as a result of which he developed a very distinctive creative energy. This has involved using driftwood imbued with life and memories as his main medium and creating pieces that depart from the generally received understanding of aboriginal art. Many of Rahic’s works reference aspects of ocean culture and traditional tribal spirit. He has also proved particularly adept at installation art that makes use of honed sculpted lines and precise language to convey environmental dialectical thinking on the issue of globalization, as he discusses the collapse of communal structure and major social change, encouraging viewers to reflect on such issues through his own actions and art. In 2000, Rahic received a grant from the Asian Cultural Council to attend art activities in the US. In 2014, he was designated an ocean culture artist by the National Museum of Marine science and Technology. His main works include “Modern Meeting Room"1993, “Ending and Beginning"1999, “Return-to-Zero"2000, “The Dance of Standing" 2005, “Incomplete" 2007, “Action Project for Typhoon"2008-2013, “The Space of Fifty Steps"2013- , and he has written “Turbid.”2006, “Journey in the space of 50 steps.”2019.

During his artistic career Rahic has moved from a focus on the possibilities inherent in social criticism, ideas, reflection and re-presentation of cultural interpretation, to an exploration of the essential purity of art.

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