2002-2005 The Spirit of the Tribe 部落精神、傳統祭儀中的力量

起跳的頓力-舞者  Jumping Force: The Dancer 



攝影 徐蘊康 / Photo by Hsu Yun-Kang


This series express the vigour of traditional singing and dancing, as well as the sprit represented in eight age sections of Amis males. Through a process of collective creation, the artist discussed various ideas with youngsters in the tribe, inviting them to explore the responsibility and confidence attributed to their respective social status, in the hope for them to comprehend the meaning of their lives as part of the tribe in a more solid way.


站立之舞 The Dance of Standing 


2005站立之舞_300x280x250cm攝影 徐蘊康 / Photo by Hsu Yun-Kang 


I look at the sea, standing. My body seems to find its own voice, feeling the rise and fall of the tide. The voice follows the tide, and my body also dances with it. My mind rises and falls with the tide, learning how to dance from the small and big ones, and how to sing from their voices. Only then could we gradually understand the songs and dances our ancestors past on us.


站立者 The one who stands 


站立‧位置 攝影 徐蘊康 / Photo by Hsu Yun-Kang 

表達對部落領袖的追尋,為紀念港口部落老頭目 Lekal Makor 而做


To commemorate the late chieftain Lekal Makor.

We respect those older people in the tribe who always stand confidently, full of wisdom. They stand on the position created by our ancestors, through which we find ours in this world. I will continue to pass on the songs from where he stood. My standing will in turn create a position for our children.