2006-2007 Lightness of Space and speed of time 空間的輕盈.時間的速度

 殘 Ponal  / Incomplete 




Ponal’ means ‘incomplete’, which is usually interpreted as a negative word. But for Amis, the idea of ‘Ponal’ is a force that may seem weak but in fact full of life. ‘Ponal’ used those he would not pick up in the past, thin yet tenacious driftwood and small round ball symbolizing the movement of rolling and the purge of time became the main image. These contained an agile sense of rhythm, no longer loaded with a rigorous sense of commitment. The more inner side of driftwood was demonstrated.

流動 Flowage 


2007流動 (2)


This artwork depicts intertidal zone. People living by the ocean are always attracted by the sea current. They keep moving forward, to see more, to discover new lands. Their voyage has no boundaries. But amidst the boundary-less freedom, an anchor is needed, which is the deep-rooted culture. It’s the anchored culture of ocean that keeps us from getting lost.

無盡‧無盡頭  Awa ko ngta‧Awa ko toras / Not near, not the End 


2007 Awa ko ngta Awa ko toras  無近‧無盡頭 (4)



The artwork, “Not near, not the End” attempts to explore the meaning of the Black Current in the process of migration. As in the artist’s own words, “Looking far ahead, not near and not the end, the water sails by the wind on her own track. Unconsciously, we released the anchor, aiming at the endless end. What we see is the time of water and the sky, discovering in the dark night the possibility of a continuing voyage.”