1990-2000 Feeling Existence from the Source 從源頭感受存在

橫跨的歲月 Crossing Times 



攝影 顏霖沼 / Photo by YAN, LIN-JHAO



I gathered speed and time, so around this period I began work on “Spiritual Mountain.” Time is invisible, but lines are visible, so I tried to figure out how to express invisible boundaries through visible lines, and I started to try different techniques.

Co-performed with U Theatre in Festival d’Avignon and São Paulo Art Biennial.


末始 Ending and Beginning 


D-5-1 dafae的母親

攝影 史乾祐 / Photo by SHIH, QIAN-YOU



Attempt to symbolize with the curve on the pottery jar the role females’ play—as the one that giving birth to life.

As a new year is approaching, with Day Zero comes the new beginning. During this time, I created many works about female/maternal body, because new lives are about to be born. In the culture of the Amis, the sun symbolizes female, while the moon symbolizes male. The “Ending and Beginning” series symbolize female with the curve of the pottery jar, in memory of those giving birth to life.

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