1998-2001 Deep Concerns About How to Revive Tribal Consciousness 深切關注如何重新凝聚部落意識

太陽之門 Gate of the sun 




The three artworks, “Gate of the Sun,” “Son of the Sun,” and “Sea Festival,” were exhibited on the seashore of Taimali Township, Taitung County to greet the first sunlight of the millennium in Taiwan. In the global new year program co-broadcasted by BBC and Public Television Service, Rahic.Talif, as the “Descendant of the Sun”, greeted the sun with his song. “Descendant of the Sun” sings the song of sun. We respect and believe in the sun, because through its light we continue to discover who we are.


歸零  Basalaigol / Return-to-Zero 



Basalaigol ’,阿美族語裡意旨「歸零」,「歸零」的腳印具有回歸及重新踏在土地之上的意含。


Basalaigol ’ means ‘Return-to-Zero.’ The footprints in the artwork imply the idea of returning to and re-step on the land / soil.

In the most original way, we bring people back to this place with the soil on this land, inviting everyone in the tribe to greet the new millennium with one’s own footprints.


初末的靈魂方與圓  Soul of the Beginning and the End –Square and Round 




Made from Argil and driftwood, he arranged utensils, accessories, and millet into an array to symbolize the idea of how a tribe could exist and sustain.